One-trick Oppie

The song begins on the Los Alamos dunes before dawn, on a minimal, promising set that puts one in mind of St-Exupery’s Wind, Sand, and Stars: a landscape where people ought not to… Continue reading

Gone blind to all but his molecule

Take three graduate students in a crystallography lab: Rob, an aging and surly ex-Navy man who’s already been kicked out of one lab; Kilpatrick, a buttoned-down young man with an every-two-weeks trim, pale… Continue reading

Not a feel-good guy, exactly

She was a storekeeper’s daughter from a small town in Ohio; she had probably grown up hearing the phrase “good Republican” as an index of respectability and clean clothes. And maybe she had… Continue reading

If you must read a creative writing program anthology

Whenever there was a flood, people from half the county would come down to see the sight. After a gully-washer there would not be any work to do anyway. If it didn’t ruin… Continue reading

A secretive farter

When Elias finally died, those who knew him agreed it was a shame that such a big man should wither up like he had. The undertaker remarked that he had put Elias in… Continue reading